My gf loves showing her pussy

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Oct 22

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First time we post fotos of her pussy. If you guys like it, we will post moreā€¦

  1. said: please let me eat that…. Please!!!!
  2. senseimiyagi said: Wow! That looks like a good time waiting to happen!
  3. dick said: I love women who spread their pussy lips
  4. J R said: by all means…post more!!! just the beginning? ;) nice
  5. ScrotieMcBoogerBalls said: That pussy looks tight and beautiful. Would love to creampie it! :)
  6. smiling vagina said: please post more baby doll. would love to lick your pussy & suck on your beautiful lips
  7. dd.eddie said: Really, what isnt to like? Delicvious, just a bit far away but i love to see the pussy, ass, hole, thigh relationship. Ur lucky!
  8. said: Very sexy. I would love to see more!!
  9. captaincum said: I’d lick both holes and then fuck that pussy hard
  10. Ben Dover said: O HELL YA ………. Show us alot more baby… that is one fine looking pussy… Would luv to taste your juices.
  11. 5714327523 said: please post more one with her on all 4 from behind and fingers knuckle deep
  12. Undertaker said: love to lick those lips perfect 10

Sweet BJ .

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Oct 22

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3rd attemp. Please post this pic.

  1. helen said: hi xx
  2. You suck said: Wrong site this is to show off your lady not your dick
  3. senseimiyagi said: Damn! I’m pre-cumming just looking at her work her magic!!!
  4. J R said: wow thats ol Suzzzy…a good woman..can i be next Suzzz…great lips
  5. Suzy said: Wow. 6.9 score? Took me a lot if courage to post this
  6. Oh my said: Next time have them titties out and show that load on that sexy face or titts!!!
  7. who knows said: damn close enogh, you got my vote. 10
  8. dd.eddie said: So worth the wait Suzy darlin! You are beautiful; now if only our cocks can imagine rubbing between your awesome titties. ;)
  9. dd.eddie said: Damn i would love to have her do me next! Glad they posted. Great face done structure. :D
  10. Rig said: Gotta love a cock whore, let’s see her deep throat and end with a facial
  11. Getting it said: Come on nobody wants to see your dick tiny
  12. 5714327523 said: I’m next baby I got a big sweet load for you
  13. said: Glad you got it on Suzy ;)

wife close up pussy

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Oct 22

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  1. said: kinda wierd lighting, prob better in person, let me check it out
  2. said: very nice
  3. jango said: yeah thats gone off, need a doctor
  4. J R said: really like the HAIR! nice
  5. dd.eddie said: Mmmm Mmmm my tongue is twitchin to go a ditch diggin! DELICIOUS picture! TY
  6. said: Mmmmm I want to suck on that ass, what does the rest if this lippy pussys owner look like? Lets see ;)
  7. Jay said: Omg that thing looks very sick it’s kind of greenish
  8. Me said: I’ll ay it again. Hair is natural and best,

wife’s play pretty

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Oct 22

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She loves playing with her wet pussy. Does anyone wanna play with it or fill it up?? Your comments get her juices flowing.

  1. smiling vagina said: Darling I would love to lick your clit while my man stuffs you full of cock.
  2. dd.eddie said: I would love to lick that mature woman’s pussy even more red; very exciting sensitive looking clit ;)
  3. Steve said: Goddayum…. How old is this broad? Her hands are all wrinkly…. No Granny porn please.

wife’s mighty tight pussy

Amateur pic posted on Wednesday Oct 22

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Anyone else wanna play in her dripping wet love hole?

  1. said: Yes wana fuck hr deep and fill her up with my huge load some in my inbox please?
  2. You suck said: No one wants to see your dick show her pic sucks
  3. senseimiyagi said: Ooh,ooh, pick me, pick
  4. midwest greg said: oh, hell yes, where does the line start?
  5. said: love to.

“seasonal candy!”

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Oct 21

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her butt literally tastes like fine Belgian chocolate…her pussy is just as tasty, a slightly different sweet flavor.

  1. said: versy sexy asshole, I’d be in it balls deep, send some to email pls
  2. smiling vagina said: oh my do I have a sweet tooth for Halloween Candy
  3. J R said: maybe she ate choclate cake the day before perhaps? ;)
  4. KennyD said: I love this pussy for some reason. I could for sure spend a little time with it.
  5. smails friend said: woooooh.what a starfish! looks like a pretty pair of lips puckered into an o ring ready for a big kiss!
  6. HARDKOK said: That’s a trick not a treat!!!!!!
  7. said: w ow beautiful sexy ass very sexy lady thanks for sharing
  8. said: I’d love to tongue fuck both waiting holes and taste her wetness
  9. said: so very nice!
  10. said: wow i wanna piece of candy
  11. dd.eddie said: YUM choc-HOLE-laut has my tongue twitching; nice candy corn-hole lettering
  12. said: omg thats so sexy id love to have a taste and fuck you with a strapon

Tight pussy loves to be stretched

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Oct 21

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Always wet MILF – this is before fucking…she drips, any one fancy a taste or a cum dump?

  1. senseimiyagi said: Wow! I bet that would fit me like a glove!!!
  2. said: luv those sexy lips, would luv to nibble on them a bit
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  8. dd.eddie said: def would love a taste of her sweet honey; would love to auger a nice large dump in her
  9. said: very sexy pussy i would love to make it wetter


Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Oct 21

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  1. said: Well OK them, sit on down baby!
  2. spooge said: Now that monkey will grab you!
  3. said: Come slide down my big hard cock baby!
  4. J R said: holy bat wings batman! wowzer! ;)
  5. DEVIL said: I love sucking on big beef curtains…
  6. said: I’d coax you to orgasm with my mouth and fingers then shove my hard cock in you before the last spasm passed.
  7. 5714327523 said: come here baby and ride my throbbing hard cock
  8. said: very sexy
  9. said: I’d love to feel your juicy pussy lips on my cock after I’m done licking and sucking them!
  10. said: mmmmmm very sexy beautiful looks yummy thanks for sharing
  11. said: love those juicy lips.they got me horny too
  12. said: fucking awesome
  13. dd.eddie said: DELICIOUSLY beautiful! And i will change my name to DICK! I bet you have gr8 keigels
  14. said: Great pussy, love the dark lips, lets see you in my emails ;) thanks for sharing!
  15. said: id love to lick that pussy while your getting fucked by a big cock

wife sucky sucky again

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Oct 21

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Another pic of the wife chowing down on my cock

  1. Wrong said: She don’t even want you and we don’t want to see you either
  2. dd.eddie said: Wife going at it like a pro! your a lucky guy 2have her. I wish i could swap my cok out with yours for a few sucks.I’d explode
  3. said: @Suzy, if Ratemynaughty won’t show them you could always post them direct to me and I will rate them ;)
  4. said: @Suzy, please try again, not enough girls suckin cock, and with the ratings being low seems as though they are not appreciated?
  5. J R said: your a lucky man if that really is your milf..a good woman indeed! 10
  6. Suzy said: Nice pic! I’ uploaded several BJ pics but weren’t posted.
  7. who knows said: ill rate a 10 if she can take it all, Balls deep in her ass or throat.
  8. 5714327523 said: great wife you got there can I be next
  9. John said: Let’s see her not you tiny
  10. said: nice pic lucky man if you need a tag team her call me!!! thanks for sharing can’t wait to see more
  11. Rig said: Let’s see her deep throat it
  12. said: Excellent ;)

Very hairy ginger pussy

Amateur pic posted on Tuesday Oct 21

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For those who like Hairy Ginger Pussy.

  1. senseimiyagi said: Wanna get together and make a Neapolitan dessert???
  2. dick said: that is a very lick able ginger cunt
  3. me said: Hair is good, natural. Yummy.
  4. rj said: noyhing better than a hairy ginger pussy she has a nice one
  5. Mk said: All we need to see is, “very hairy pussy fucked” Maybe a creampie? Thanks if you could post that. You are very lucky!
  6. Mk said: I’m a big fan of your post Hairy Ginger Pussy. Gets me off each time. I can imagine the smell of this after a few days. So sexy!
  7. Mr Good Kat said: love hairy kitty bush!!!
  8. M said: VERY hairy? I don’t think so…
  9. said: sweet looking pussy
  10. said: Damn what a sexy bush. Please don’t let close minded people pressure you to shave it. That’s how a pussy should look. very sexy
  11. said: mmmmmm very sexy beautiful looks yummy thank s for sharing
  12. said: I love the bush! And would love to tease your tight little pussy!
  13. dd.eddie said: I love to part a womans hair down the middle with my tongue

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